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  • Orange Desk Chairs from Fenstone
  • Our Made-To-Order Orange Fabrics
  • 5 Ergonomic Computer Chairs Available in Orange:
    • Allow Me Office Chair
    • Being Us Office Chair
    • Do Better Office Chair
    • Eva Office Chair
    • Adaptive Office Chair
  • How To Order an Orange Desk Chair from Fenstone

Orange Desk Chairs from Fenstone

Fenstone’s ergonomic computer chairs are available in three made-to-order orange fabrics and have a range of base and frame options that include black, grey and polished aluminium. Suitable for home offices and professional workspaces, our orange office chairs include 2 to 5 year warranties and are engineered to withstand daily rigorous use. Designed for both style and comfort, our ergonomic chairs feature intuitive user controls that allow you to fine tune your sitting position for optimal posture support throughout your working day.

Our Range of Custom Orange Fabrics

Fenstone Orange Chair Fabrics

If you’re looking for an orange chair for office work, our made-to-order seating ranges are available in Solano, Tortuga or Lobster orange. Depending on the model chosen, you can contrast your chosen fabric with black, white or polished aluminium frames and bases to add further customisation.

*Please note: Whilst every care is taken to represent these fabrics accurately, different PC monitors and contrast settings can alter the shade and appearance of colours to some degree.

5 Ergonomic Computer Chairs Available in Orange

1. Being Us Office Chair

Being Us Orange Executive Office Chair

Being Us is a reclining office chair that combines style, comfort and a range of ergonomic adjustments that make it an ideal edition to any professional or home office. The seat and chair back can be finished in any of our orange fabrics, with a two-colour option available for the chair’s back. Being Us includes a contoured seat for enhanced comfort and support, adjustable seat depth, height adjustable arms and an adjustable height back with lower back support. Whether you need executive seating for work or a vibrant orange swivel chair for the home office, Being Us is a comfortable and stylish edition to any workspace.

2. Eva Office Chair

Eva Orange Ergonomic Office Chair

Available in any of our made-to-order orange fabrics, Eva is a highly adjustable computer chair that delivers premium looks and refined posture support that keeps aches and pains at bay throughout your working day. Equipped with simple, yet intuitive controls, Eva effortlessly adjusts to a wide range of body shapes and includes adjustable lower back support to fine tune your seating position for optimal comfort. Eva’s frame and base can be finished in black, white or polished aluminium to contrast with your chosen fabric and features black soft touch arm pads to complete the look. Whether you’re working from home or in a professional office, Eva is an orange ergonomic office chair that stands out in any workspace.

3. Do Better Office Chair

Do Better Orange Chair For Desk

Do Better is a stylish orange desk chair featuring a reclining back in breathable mesh fabric. The chair includes adjustable seat depth, an adjustable lumbar pad for lower back support, height adjustable arms and a built-in weight balancing mechanism that allows the chair to recline according to the user’s weight. The chair’s frame is available in either black or white, with a matching or polished aluminium base. If you’re looking for an orange chair for desk work, Do Better is a great option that will keep you comfortable and supported during long working hours.

4. Adaptive Office Chair

Adaptive Orange Ergonomic Office Chair

If you’re looking for a highly adjustable and contemporary office chair, look no further than the Adaptive. The chair has a bright white frame and a choice of patterned orange polymer or orange fabric finish. This striking and vibrant design includes an adjustable headrest for neck and shoulder support, height adjustable and rotatable armrests and a height adjustable back with dial-controlled lumbar support for optimal comfort and support. Available in 6 to 10 working days, the Adaptive is an ultra-modern design suitable for both home office and professional workspaces.

5. Allow Me Office Chair

Allow Me Orange Desk Chair

Allow Me is a versatile office chair suitable for meeting rooms, collaborative workspaces or individual desk work. Available with a mesh or trellis quilted back, the chair’s seat can be finished in any of our made-to-order orange fabrics with a choice of black, grey or polished aluminium base. AllowMe features an innovative dual coil back support system which automatically adjusts to the user’s weight and body type without the need for manual adjustments, making it ideal for collaborative working or shared workspaces. Whether you need professional office seating or an orange computer chair for home working, AllowMe offers a stylish and comfortable all in one solution.

How To Order an Orange Desk Chair from Fenstone

An office chair in orange fabric is a made-to-order item with a 2 to 3 week lead-time depending on the model chosen (The Adaptive ergonomic chair in orange polymer is 4-6 days and can be ordered directly on our website). Delivery is free to residential and business addresses in mainland UK. To place an order or for more information, please contact us by telephone or live-chat and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

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