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No Wheels Desk Chair Buyers Guide


  • Introduction
  • The pros and cons of wheels versus no wheels
  • Types of office chair without wheels
  • How to convert a swivel chair into one without wheels
  • Conclusion


If you’re in the market for a no wheels desk chair, you’ve probably noticed that the vast majority of modern office chairs do have wheels and their non-wheeled counterparts seem to offer fewer design options and ergonomic benefits. In this short informational guide, we will cover the main types of office chairs without wheels, how to easily convert a wheeled office chair into a non-wheeled version and the pro and cons of both.

Wheels versus no wheels

Wheels versus no wheels

Where your office chair will be used will play a large part in which type of chair is suitable for your specific circumstances. Chairs with wheels will generally offer more ergonomic features and adjustments but will also look completely out of place in a visitor waiting area. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of both types include:

Office chairs with wheels


  • Wheeled office chairs generally offer better ergonomics and more adjustments allowing a greater level of comfort
  • Depending on the model they can offer better back support for long hours
  • Greater choice of designs and models to choose from versus non wheeled counterparts


  • Can be far more expensive given the greater level of functionality
  • Potentially damaging to hardwood floors and carpets
  • Unsuitable for uneven floors or platforms

Office Chairs without wheels


  • Generally less expensive than an office chair with wheels
  • Creates a neater and more uniform look for board rooms and visitor areas
  • Less damaging to hardwood floors and suitable for uneven surfaces


  • Lack of adjustability and ergonomic features
  • Fixed seat and armrest height may be unsuitable for taller users
  • Fewer design options to choose from

Types of office chair without wheels

Types of no wheel office chairs

We recommend using office chairs without wheels if you only need to work at your desk for a few hours at a time. Whilst they can offer a high level of comfort, when working for long hours an ergonomic office chair that supports your spinal posture is recommended. Some designs will offer a hybrid approach with some additional back support built in. The main types of desk chair without wheels include:

Cantilever office chair (or visitor’s chair)

Office chair not on wheels

Often referred to as a “visitor’s chair”, an office chair with a cantilever base is suitable for meeting rooms, waiting areas and also for the home office. We would not recommend this chair type for long working hours (4 hours or more) as it doesn't offer spinal repositioning and back support.

Swivel office chairs no wheels

Swivel office chair without wheels

This is a great option that can offer the best of both worlds. Instead of wheels, the chair base has fixed feet keeping the chair in place whilst offering all of the benefits of an ergonomic office chair with swivel capability. These can be harder to find than wheeled office chairs as an out of the box product with less design options available too. Converting a wheeled chair to a non wheeled version is a good work around for the lack of choice (covered in more detail in the next section).

Ergonomic Desk Chairs without Wheels

Ergonomic office chair without wheels

Some office chairs without wheels do offer ergonomic adjustments but typically they will be more restricted than their wheeled counterparts. If the chair has a fixed, non swivel base, this will generally rule out adjustable seat height and the ability to recline the chair back but built in lumbar support will improve spinal posture and help to prevent back pain.

How to convert a swivel chair into one without wheels

How to convert a swivel chair with glider feet

One of the best ways to open up your buying options is to buy an office chair with wheels and replace them with after-market “glider feet”. Despite what the name implies, glider feet keep the chair fixed in place and are widely available and easy to fit. If you are willing to go through the extra effort, this option will remove any need to compromise allowing you to choose from fully ergonomic and executive office chairs in a wide range of styles.


You may have to look a bit harder for a desk chair without wheels as there tends to be fewer options versus their wheeled counterparts. Never the less, there is still plenty of choice in the market and replacing the wheels with after-market glider feet will remove any need to compromise. As always we welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.

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