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Corner Desk Inspiration 2022 | Fenstone® Buyer's Guide

Choosing the right corner desk

Whether for the home office or a work from home bedroom, a corner desk is a great multi-tasker offering a generously sized work surface in a compact space saving design. Ideal for freeing up usable floor space, a corner desk sits neatly out of the way whilst offering more than enough storage for most people to work productively and stay clutter free. There are plenty of desk styles and storage options in the market to choose from and in this buyer's guide, we will cover some of the top things to keep in mind.


  • A visual guide to corner desk dimensions
  • Do you need a left or right hand corner desk?
  • Corner desk storage options
  • Design ideas and inspiration
  • Conclusion

A visual guide to corner desk dimensions

Corner desks come in many shapes and sizes but for the purposes of this guide, we have split them into 3 common size categories; small (1200x1200mm), medium (1500x1500mm) and large (1800x1800mm). The guide below will give you an idea of how much working space each size will offer you and it will also determine which types of storage are available.

Tip: Accurately measure the space you have available and decide where you want to place your desk in advance. Make sure there is enough natural light and there is access to plug sockets nearby.

Small Corner Desk (1200x1200mm)

Ideal for laptops or single monitor pc setups, a 1200x1200mm compact corner desk offers ample space for a single user. Integrated storage is likely to be limited to a single high level drawer so additional free standing storage units may be needed depending on your requirements.

Corner desk for small space

Medium Corner Desk (1500x1500mm)

If you're looking specifically for a corner desk with drawers, you will need enough floor space for a 1500x1500mm desk which can accommodate a built in drawer pedestal. The desk's surface will offer more than enough working space for most users and can easily accommodate a dual monitor pc setup with additional space to organise paperwork as required.

Compact corner desk

Large corner desk (1800x1800)

This type of large corner desk should offer enough room for even the most demanding of users and can be extended further with desk high drawers as required. The large work surface is suitable for dual or even triple monitor pc setups, whilst leaving room for desk top storage and space to organise books, computer accessories and paperwork as needed.

Corner Desk Large

Do you need a left or right hand corner desk?

If your corner desk has a non-symmetrical design (for example an l shape corner desk), you will need to select either a left or right hand variant depending on the layout of your home office space.

How to choose the correct side:

Left and Right Hand Corner Desk Handing

Tip: Stand facing the wall on which the back edge of your desk will be placed. If the desk is to be placed to the left of where you’re standing, you need a left hand corner desk and vice versa if the desk is to your right.

Corner Desk Storage Options

A corner desk’s space saving design is ideal for integrated storage with plenty of options available depending on the layout of your room and the space you have available.

Integrated Drawer Units

If you want a corner desk with an integrated drawer unit, typically you will need enough space for a medium sized desk or larger (1500x1500mm). There are 2, 3 and 4 drawer configurations available, with some desks offering lockable A4 filing drawers which are ideal for maintaining a productive home office.

Mobile Under Desk Drawers

If you want the option of moving your drawer unit if needed, mobile under desk drawers offer an ideal solution. Whilst there is no standard corner desk height, they tend to fall into a height range of 720 – 750mm so make sure your drawers are the right size to fit under the desk. Typically, you will need enough space for a medium sized desk to accommodate this storage option. 

Freestanding Desk Height Drawers

Some manufacturers will offer freestanding desk height drawers that match the finish and style of the desk you choose. If you’re limited on space, these drawers can be placed as a free standing unit anywhere in your home office where additional storage is required. On the other hand, if you have excess space, you can use these drawer units to extend your desk which will free up legroom if you like to stretch out.

Open Shelves

If you like to keep things accessible and open plan, a corner desk with shelves is a good option and they can offer plenty of room for books, files and computer hardware and accessories as needed.


Choosing the right corner desk is easy when you know how much room you have available and the type of storage you require. Accurately measure your home office space and if buying a non-symmetrical desk, make sure it's designed to fit in a left or right hand corner as required . As always we love to hear your feedback and home office design ideas, so feel free to leave a comment below!

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