Why a Bedroom Corner Desk Gives You The Best of Both Worlds

Fenstone Corner Desks for Bedrooms


  • Introduction
  • Why corner desks are ideal for bedroom setups
  • How bedroom corner desks separate your working and living spaces
  • The 2024 Fenstone home corner desk range
  • How to conceal cables to keep your workspace organised
  • Corner desk storage options
  • Room planning tips and advice
  • Conclusion


As the hybrid and remote working trends continue to become the new normal, many of us are yet to make our home working setup a productive and comfortable space that allows us to work without unwanted distractions. If you don’t have a dedicated home office or live in a house or apartment with a lack of available floorspace, staying organised and productive during working hours can be difficult. One of the biggest challenges to staying motivated whilst working from home is separating where we relax from where we work and this is where a corner desk can make a real difference.

Why corner desks are ideal for bedroom setups

Corner desks work exceptionally well in bedrooms due to their unique ability to maximise floorspace, whilst still offering plenty of legroom and a large work surface. By efficiently utilising the corner of a room, these compact desks make the most of your unused space, making them an ideal desk for the bedroom where the extra room makes a real difference. Corner desks also come with a range of storage options, that include integrated drawers or desktop shelving units that make further use of the desks space saving characteristics. This makes corner desks an excellent choice for students, remote workers or anyone needing an efficient and organised home office desk within their bedroom. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, a corner desk can also look great and offers plenty of style options that will work with a wide range of interior decors.

How bedroom corner desks separate your working and living spaces

Another key advantage of the bedroom corner desk is its ability to create a clear boundary between your work and relaxation areas. Having your workstation setup in a corner keeps your everyday furniture out of your peripheral vision which allows you to focus better on your tasks and switch into work mode more easily. Removing unwanted distractions is a key consideration in modern home office design, so by splitting your bedroom into working and relaxation spaces, it is much easier to get your work done and then switch off and relax at the end of the day. Using a space saving desk is an easy way to implement this simple concept which can make a real difference to your well-being by creating a better work / life balance within the available space you have.

The 2024 Fenstone home corner desk range

Fenstone offer a versatile range of corner desks for the home, from compact space saving designs to large desks with integrated storage. Available with free room of choice delivery to mainland UK or assembled on-site by our expert installers from just £39 per desk. Shop our corner desk ranges online today.

How to conceal cables to keep your workspace organised

Corner Wire Management Desks

When working with a small study or bedroom, effective cable management becomes particularly important and not only hides unsightly cables but also removes trip hazards which keeps your working area organised and free of unwanted clutter. Choosing a desk for a small office with desktop cable ports is the simplest way to channel wires out of harms way, allowing them to pass through the desks surface whilst keeping your worktop clean and tidy. Some desks also offer removable leg panels, allowing full concealment of wires whilst channelling them neatly down to floor level and power access points. Overall, corner desks with integrated wire management create a more efficient, safe, and visually appealing work environment especially where space is at a premium.

Corner desk storage options

Another advantage of a corner bedroom desk is the versatile range of storage options they offer. Integrated storage includes desk drawers in a variety of combinations and vertical desktop shelves that provide easy access to office supplies, books and personal items without taking up additional floorspace. There are also free standing under desk drawers which can be easily moved when needed and also come in narrow widths if you’re short on legroom. If you require storage for important documents, lockable A4 drawers are a common corner desk with storage option that keeps sensitive paperwork securely out of sight. Overall, a corner desk is one of the best choices for maximising your storage capacity whilst keeping floorspace usage to the absolute minimum.

Room planning tips and advice

When planning for a desk in a bedroom, it is essential to measure the available space to ensure it fits comfortably without overwhelming the room. Measure the wall lengths where you intend to place the desk, ensuring you have power socket and internet access within reach. Take note of any obstructions such as radiators, windows or doors. If your chosen bedroom desk has a symmetrical design, it will be suitable for either a left or right-hand corner. However, if you choose an L-shaped desk you will need to choose from a left or right-hand configuration as required. Lastly, make sure that any planned computer equipment, desk chairs or other items you wish to use in your work area will comfortably fit in the space provided.


Corner desks offer an ideal solution for bedroom workspaces, integrating a clever space-saving design with ample working room and versatile storage options that further optimise your working area. Integrated wire management is ideal for keeping small spaces free of cables and removes trip hazards that can prevent accidental damage to you or your computer equipment. By separating your working and living spaces, a corner desk for the bedroom helps you focus better on your work and can help you stay motivated during long hours working from home. Be sure to measure your space before buying as returning large items is both inconvenient and carries a cost for return courier services. As always, we hope you have enjoyed our working from home desk guide, and we welcome your feedback in the comments section below.

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